Dr. Frampton Q. Fakenamington



123 Fake St. Surrey, BC, Canada V1V 1V1

Professional Skills


Learnington University

Surrey, B.C.


PhD, Theoretical Mustard Sciences

For the past 17 years, I've been advancing the field of theoretical mustard sciences, mostly by consuming a variety of delicious mustards. All of my results are published in the New England Journal of Various Mustards, a journal that I am the sole contributor and editor for.


Title Authors Journal Date
A Simple Taxonomy Of Grainy Mustards Frampton Fakenamington New England Journal of Various Mustards 2016
Ballpark or Dijon: The Controversy Rages Frampton Fakenamington, Hurgen Jurgen New England Journal of Various Mustards 2015


Class Schedules

For any students looking for the syllabus for IAT 208 — Introduction to Hot & Spirit Mustards , you can find it here.